Welcome to Piñones de Castilla, the tastefully golden treasure

September is the time of the year for a fresh start to seek new opportunities and fantasize about new projects, both in life and professionals. It could be said that it is the month of beginnings, and for the family who constitutes Piñones de Castilla, September has always been very special, but this year it is a little bit more.


Renewal is vital. Evolving according to our needs means that we move forward in order to adapt to the new further paths. For this reason, at Piñones de Castilla we undertook an exciting and vital project a few month ago, of which we are deeply proud. The new identity of Piñones de Castilla.


After four decades with the same iconography and typography, we are committed to reinforcing our value proposition. Piñones de Castilla will became a prescriber of healthy nutrition and the beauty and power of our land. We put all our expertise at people’s service, with the same philosophy of work, but moving forward towards a more sustainable future and a promising tomorrow, where we respect our environment now to be able to enjoy it forever and in which the care for oneself is a fundamental pillar of our lives.

Logotipo de Piñones de Castilla

We want to take a step and be closer to you, in all aspects of your life because our tastefully golden seed has presence in the differential aroma and textures, the handcraft tradition, the environmental respect and a healthy lifestyle. Only then we will make you feel the same as we do, feeling the magic of the Castilian Gold.

The Iberian pine nut, natural from the best pine groveland.

The care of working each piece of product as if it was unique, has direct consequences on the results and Piñones de Castilla does not conceive of any other way to work than this. 

We have marked September on our Calendar as a business milestone, due to the fact that it is the time for getting down to work and start the new Iberian pine nut campaign.


The first step is searching and selecting the best locations of pine forest lands, where we can begin our work of collecting our most precious treasure: the Iberian pine nuts.  Once this first phase is completed, the usual process will continue, which you can check the details of it here.

Piñones de Castilla - Tierra de pinares

If there something that characterizes us at Piñones de Castilla is the commitment to what we believe until the end. That is why we work daily to obtain and preserve the national pine nut, the seed born in our pine groveland from which we manage to present into the world all the benefits of this highest quality product. The Iberian pine nut is the authentic taste of Pedrajas, the golden treasure of Castile.


Welcome back to our family and thank you for continuing to grow and evolve with us.


The team of Piñones de Castilla

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