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Pine nuts, a Christmas classic

Pine nuts have always been a classic at Christmas. In Autumn and Winter seasons the pine forest in our land, Pedrajas de San Esteban, offers this rich and tasteful seed.

The pine nut, the authentic taste of Pedrajas, is our golden treasure that we are proud to share with the world and apart from being an exquisite delicacy, it provides a wide variety of nutrients to our body too, a reason why Piñones the Castilla highlights this seed as one of the choices that should be present on the Christmas table. Therefore, we are going to review the benefits that pine nuts contain.

6 benefits of pine nuts

It is said that the pine nuts are like a real pharmacy due to the 20 amino acids that contain which are needed for normal body activity.

Moreover, among the multiples benefits that pine nuts have, we highlight the following:


1.     They improve the composition of the blood.

2.     They help to maintain a high capacity of work.

3.     They are positive assistance for hypertension y arteriosclerosis, stomach or peptic acidity and duodenal ulcer.

4.     They prevent tuberculosis and anaemia.

5.     They are rich in mineral microelements.

6.     They have a several amount of vitamins, among which vitamins A, B, D and E stands out.


Al of these qualities make pine nuts a popular nut at this time of year, as well as being part of the main Christmas sweets and baking.

The pine nuts sweetest recipe, perfect for Christmas

The following sweet recipe made with pine nuts can be used to surprise your guests with your Christmas dessert:


INGREDIENTS for 4 people:

·      250 gr. of Piñones de Castilla.

·      50 ml. of water.

·      150 gr. of honey.

·      150 gr. of sugar.

·      Mint (to decorate).



1.     Heat the sugar, honey and water in a fry pan. Cook them for 5 minutes over low heat (until the sugar dissolves and a nice golden caramel forms, which is called “guirlache”).

2.     Add the pine nuts and cook the mixture over low heat for approximately 10-15 minutes.

3.     Spread a sheet of baking paper on a smooth surface. Add the “guirlache” and extend it through the baking paper. Cover it with another baking paper and stretch it with a rolling pin. Before it cools completely, cut it in superficially pieces with a knife and let it cool completely.

4.     Remove the baking papers, separate the pieces, serve in a bowl and decorate with a mint leaf.

Now, it is time to enjoy!

Piñón de Castilla

Prepare Christmas dessert with pine nuts which along being delicious, they are a really good and healthy option for our body system too. If you are willing to know more about these little treasures, we will tell you everything here.

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