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Certificado de  CALIDAD

The partners of PIÑONES DE CASTILLA performed the first step at their own risk with the purchase of raw materials or personally going to pick up the pineapple from the mountains since the beginning of the campaign on November 11 until the completion on April 10.

This pineapple is stored in places equipped to do so until they reached the summer are lying in the sun for its opening and subsequent extraction with pine nut shell, through machinery designed for this purpose.

The activity begins in Picasa hulled pine nuts of the partners themselves, which performs throughout the year. By the most modern machinery, and with the commitment and good work of employees and the partners themselves to remove the pine nut peeled, and that in a continuous mode is brushing, Avent and shelling or selected by SORTEX colour by machine for subsequent manual inspection.

The pine nut white, and brushing is maintained and identified its production date, in cold chamber to preserve them, and, on request, is washing, drying and packaging, compliance to the commitments that we have gained on food safety and respecting the principle " the Farm Bureau.


 Packer most commonly used:
-25 sacks of KGS
-Boxes 12.5 KGS
-Boxes 10 KGS
-Case of 6 KGS
-Boots 1 KG
-Bag 1 Kg
-Boots 1 / 2 KG
-Jar gr 200
-Jar gr 150
-100 gr jar.
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