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Many studies developed in recent years, but it has been since the include of nuts at the base of the food guide pyramid of the Mediterranean diet when the international scientific community has recognized all the beneficial effects of nuts on health. 

The pine nuts are authentic pharmacies. The proteins that owns pine nuts assimilate easily count on the inside with very high amounts of all 20 amino acids necessary for the agency, stressing in particularly the arginine, extremely important for the growth of the organism.

Fats possessing the pine nuts are distinguished by their high content of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids and within the latter in particularly by linoleic acid and linolenic acids essential that are not synthesized by the human body, but whose presence is much needed for the normal activity of human body. The more sensitive to the lack of these acids are children. Also the PINE NUTS has absolutely nothing cholesterol.

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The wealth of trace minerals is impressive, with sodium , potassium, calcium, magnesium , iron, phosphorus , sync , copper, manganese, a very special way of highlighting the amount of magnesium and surpassing the amount of phosphorus the richest sources such as vegetable matching nuts to soya beans.

With regard to vitamins, pine nuts are, like other nuts, vitamin A , which contributes to growth and development of body. Contains too complex vitamin B and D which stabilise the nervous system, improve the composition of blood and have positive impact on the skin tissue.
The pine nuts are keen for vitamin E and vitamin F carrying these vitamins from what the Greeks meant as producing offspring. For lack of vitamin E alters the process of using fat in the human body, stops the generation of milk in nursing mothers, rising also predisposition to atherosclerosis. The amount of vitamin E found in nuts, outperforms of walnuts , almonds and peanuts.

The pine nuts help when you have hypertension. They also have a positive effect when you have heartburn and ulcer in the duodenum. Recently , scientists claim that the pine nuts help maintain a high capacity for work, improve the composition of blood and prevent TB and anaemia. The consumption of 100 grams of pine nuts complements so important for the daily needs of the human body amino acids and others microelements.

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